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Do you own a Foodhub and want to be listed on our website to drive more sales and automate your process? Become a vendor today to get started.

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Do you have something else you want to sell online but don't know how to get started? Or maybe your just tired of posting on face book and hope someone sees it? Or maybe you just want to have a website where you can have more control of what you want to sell?

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, your FREE account will never change.  This is our way of saying thank you and our way of helping others.

This page is dedicated to bringing both consumers and Distributors together.  As a vendor your able to sell your own food products.  If you want to sell something other than food, it needs to be a siomai King related product.  For example a Tok Tok t-shirt, Tok Tok Thermal box would be aloud.

Yes, you can register, but you need to be selling something that is related to Siomai King such as Tok Tok t-shirts, Tok Tok Thermal Box, Business Cards etc.

The idea came about when I wanted to become a foodhub, but waited for months before becoming an official foodhub.  I originally started my own site foodtripking.com and saw the obstacles that came with it especially trying to run a foodhub remotely.  So I decided to do open this site.  I guess you can say it’s like the Amazon or ebay, but the only difference is I wanted the foodhubs to be all connected within 1 site.

Yes, we are hiring for Tok Tok Riders nation wide.  But specifically in the Pabgasinan areas.  You can apply by visiting www.apply.toktokexpress.com.  We are also expanding and looking for anyone that wants to become a Tok Tok Operator and Franchisee.

setup is quick and easy.  It only takes us about 30 minutes to setup your account if you choose the “beginner’s package.” .  But just in case we are busy let’s just say it can take 24 to 48 hours.  If you choose the Gold or Platinum package you will have instant access to your account.

If you have any questions please feel free to  Contact Us

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